We have the banding!

Now you can have all of Teknaform’s great matches in a Flexible Thick Edgebanding for today’s popular curved components.

Please contact Customer Service for product details and current lead times.

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Peel 'n Stick Edgebanding

March 25, 2014

Can't find the matching edge in a pre-glued banding? This is the solution for you!

** Peel 'n Stick Edgebanding

As the range of colours and textures available in board products grows and the availability of...

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NEW - Sawcut Finish

Teknaform is pleased to introduce SAWCUT, it's latest in PVC Edgebanding surfaces.
SAWCUT was developed as a direct match to Flakeboard's new TFL finish by the same name.

** New Look --- New Feel

This finish is very dimensional and gives the look and feel of rough sawn wood.

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New STONE Finish

Teknaform is pleased to introduce their latest specialty finish ... STONE.

Hot New Finish --- STONE

When we combine this new surface emboss with a high gloss topcoat, the result is an excellent edgebanding option to compliment two of Wisonart's HPL finishes, namely, Mirage (K-35) and Facet (K-45).

Both of these finishes represent the variations in matte and gloss that...

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GrainThru PVC Edgebanding

When using conventional 3mm PVC Edgebanding, you have a 3mm wide area, where you trimmed the banding, that has no woodgrain print. With Teknaform's new GrainThru Edgebanding, the grain definition is extruded through the core so that when the banding is trimmmed, some grain effect is exposed to blend with the print of both the laminated surface as well as the face of the edgebanding. Create...

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