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About Us

The Teknaform difference is in the details.  Our trusted expertise, efficient order processing and commitment to delivering exceptional products are some of the reasons why Teknaform has grown to become the edgebanding supplier of choice to distributors and manufacturers across North America.  With over 100 employees and 16 production lines, we have doubled our output since 2013 - producing millions of feet of edgebanding per day.  Our quality assurance programs ensure our product meets the highest of industry standard, guaranteeing a reliable colour match and product consistency with every order.  


As well as excelling at custom production, Teknaform also offers a Stock Program consisting of the most popular PVC edgebanding products with a 24-hour turnaround. Available in a wide range of solid colours, woodgrains and patterns, our Stock Program includes the latest designer patterns and is always expanding and adapting to industry trends.


And we’re just getting started.  Teknaform’s product development team maintains a commitment to innovation with the latest technology, sustainable processes and environmentally conscious practices.  Through our proprietary recycling process, we are able to capture nearly all waste product and re-introduce it into the production process.  Teknaform is also an active buyer of previously extruded PVC in Canada. The company purchases nearly 120,000 pounds of material for recycling every month, reducing its scrap rate to nearly zero.


From our knowledgeable customer service to our exceptional product offering, Teknaform provides the reliable solutions and resources you need to ensure complete satisfaction with every order.

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