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PVC Edgebanding

Known for its superior durability and impact resistance,
PVC edgebanding is the most commonly used product in the North American market. 


Whether you require edgebanding solutions for residential furniture and cabinetry or more impact-resistant solutions for high-traffic areas such as offices, hospitals, schools or dormitories, Teknaform has all your PVC edgebanding needs covered. 


Teknaform’s quality PVC formulation combined with endless colour and pattern possibilities ensures we will meet your specific product requirements.



  • Our catalogue contains over 10,000 recipes and more than 18 texture patterns to guarantee a custom colour match

  • Growing stock program to match all HPL and TFL surfaces

  • Superior durability and quality control assurances programs to ensure product consistency

  • Custom produced edgebanding can be made in widths as narrow as 1/2” and as wide as 2-1/8”, and in thicknesses ranging from .018” up to 3mm


Our durable and semi-rigid flex formulation offers the malleability to better handle the tightest inside and outside radiuses on all your projects. The thick material is easy to trim and is our best suited product for contour edge banders.

  • Handles outside radius minimums of 25mm (1″) and inside radius minimums of 50mm (2″) without the need of additional pressure or excess adhesive.

  • Can be applied with any edgebander set up for thick edgebanding.



Using a co-extrusion method, thick PVC edgebanding is injected with a secondary colour giving the impression of a woodgrain in the core. Once the band is applied and trimmed, it gives a more detailed and seamless look to the end product.

  • Eliminates picture framing effect

  • Offers a more realistic wood look

  • Available in thick product only



Our rigid material is the industry standard for impact hardness and tensile strength. Our most popular product, this product line is crafted to exact dimensions to meet any requirement for an ever-increasing number of applications.

Woodgrains, Patterns, Solid Colours

Teknaform offers an extensive selection of edgebanding customization ranging from woodgrains and patterns, to solid colours.


Our Woodgrains product line offers a large selection of stock and thousands of colours in our library that match various TLF and HPL suppliers, including custom stained products. Combined with the more than 100 individual print designs available to emulate any species of wood, the customization available is limitless.


We also offer thousands of solid colour options. Add on a wide selection of patterns ranging from geometric designs to veining that emulates stone varieties, you can always find what you need for your custom project at Teknaform.


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