Edgebanding 101 and New Customizations Available

In this month’s blog post we take a closer look at the types of edgebanding available, customization we offer, and how to find the perfect edgebanding match for your product needs.

What is edgebanding?

Edgebanding in the simplest of terms is narrow bands of material used to cover the exposed trim of plywood, MDF and other wood products, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Functionally, edgebanding increases durability of your wood product by providing impact resistance and it also creates a seal that keeps moisture out of the wood core. Edgebanding, or edgetape, is made of various materials – PVC, ABS, and wood veneer. At Teknaform we offer both PVC and ABS options however PVC edgebanding has now become the most used product in the North American market.


Edgebanding’s other purpose is to create a polished look for your wood product. Teknaform’s catalogue offers endless woodgrain, colour and patten possibilities, ensuring that we meet your specific requirements. Looking for a more realistic woodgrain look that eliminates the picture-frame effect? Our grainthrough option can be matched to any colour woodgrain with any texture listed on our website, giving the impression of a woodgrain in the core. We also offer a variety of gloss levels on our grainthrough product - on thick material only with size ranges of 7/8 x 3mm to 1-5/16 x 3mm.

Find Your Match

Looking for a laminate match? You can use any laminate company code to search including Tafisa, Uniboard & Wilsonart which will bring up Teknaform’s code(s) to see what we have matched and applicable stocked sizes all in one place. We can also match any Solid colour including paint chip samples. We also have a new Linen texture being released – stay tuned for more updates on this coming very soon!

Visit Find Your Match today to explore all the possibilities and stay tuned to this space for more of what we have to offer.

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