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Edgebanding Options in Residential Homes

Edgebanding plays an important role in modern cabinetry and furniture design that goes beyond aesthetic appeal. PVC Edgebanding is an inexpensive solution known for its durability and long performance life, keeping moisture out of wood panel parts and preventing warping. In residential homes, different spaces have unique requirements for durability, moisture resistance and maintenance. In our latest blog post, we explore edgebanding functionality and the best options we recommend for specific areas in your home.


Recommended Edgebanding: TekMatte Ultra Rigid PVC paired with Matte Laminate

It is no question the kitchens are one of the higher traffic areas in a home demanding durability and easy maintenance. Rigid PVC edgebanding is an excellent choice here due to its resilience against daily wear and tear, spills, and the need for frequent cleaning. With the added element of a matte finish, fingerprints and other marks aren’t left behind. Rigid PVC is also easier to apply and more cost efficient than other materials. Available in a wide array of designer textures, colors, and finishes – Teknaform’s rigid PVC can be customized to any kitchen design.


Recommended Edgebanding: Rigid PVC

Bathrooms face high moisture and humidity levels and require edgebanding that can resist these conditions without peeling or warping. Our Rigid PVC when applied with high-quality adhesive, is incredibly durable and provides the necessary moisture resistance needed in this space.

Curved Furniture & Cabinets

Recommended Edgebanding: Flexible PVC (2mm and up)

Flexible PVC edgebanding, is user-friendly, versatile, and can suit different design preferences and project requirements. Our TekFlex products range in thicknesses of 2mm-3mm thick and are available in thousands of colours and patterns. Incredibly durable, flex edgebanding can easily conform to curved surfaces without cracking or warping, providing a smooth and continuous edge.


Recommended Edgebanding: Rigid or Flex PVC paired with Marine Grade Laminate

Mudrooms are often exposed to wet and muddy conditions, so utilizing materials that can withstand moisture and dirt will prolong the longevity of this space. We recommend pairing marine grade laminate with Rigid or Flex PVC edgebanding to maximize moisture resistance and durability.


Recommended Edgebanding: Rigid PVC

Garages need even more robust solutions that can resist chemicals, oils, and spills. Rigid PVC on top of being less expensive, is also self-extinguishing, adding another layer of safety with its flame-retardant properties.

Choosing the right laminate and edgebanding pairing for each space in your home ensures the longevity and functionality of residential cabinetry. With over 55,000 colors, dozens of sizes, and up to 28 finishes and gloss levels, Teknaform™ can match even the most unique surface panel needs and features. Unsure of what is the right edgebanding for your project’s needs? Talk to one of our sales reps about options today. We’d be happy to help.

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