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In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, lead times can make or break a deal. At Teknaform™, we take pride in not only running an efficient production line but also in guaranteeing that our order fulfillment surpasses our customers’ expectations. In this month’s blog post, we delve deeper into logistics and how Teknaform™ ensures seamless operations by taking a closer look at capacity, lead times, and shipping.

Capacity & Lead Times

When it comes to capacity and lead times, our numbers speak volumes. We ship over 1 million pounds of edgebanding monthly, showcasing the scale and efficiency of our operations. As well as excelling at custom production, Teknaform™ also has an extensive inventory, boasting over 4000 SKUs readily available to be shipped in 24hrs. Replenished weekly, our shelves are always stocked with popular SKUs such as white variants as well as a wide range of additional colors, textures and finishes. Also, our dedicated service customer representatives ensure that orders are confirmed within 24 hours, providing peace of mind to clients and distributors alike.

Shipping and Quality Control

Quality Control doesn’t end on the production floor. Rigorous measures are in place at the shipping level to uphold our high standards. Each product is meticulously packaged in boxes tailored to its specifications, with a range of six box sizes readily available. Custom packing solutions are also offered for clients with unique requirements, showcasing Teknaform’s dedication to flexibility and customer satisfaction.

In addition, multiple skid sizes are available to accommodate diverse needs, with each skid meticulously wrapped and inspected to guarantee product integrity. These quality control measures ensure that every shipment leaving Teknaform’s facility is protected, arriving at its destination in optimal condition.

At Teknaform™, we understand that lead time and logistics are the backbone of exceptional customer service. Timely delivery isn’t just a convenience, it is what enables us to exceed expectations and foster long-lasting partnerships. With Teknaform™, efficiency isn’t just a goal—it’s a guarantee.

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