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2023 – In Review

Teknaform’s commitment to delivering exceptional products goes beyond our factory floor. Expanding our product lines, matches, and available resources for our customers are equally important.

This year we have launched new product lines that include matches for the ultra-matte and luxurious FENIX® collection, Uniboard’s revolutionary and flawless ECLIPSE collection, and Tafisa’s tactile and stunning SOMMET® Series that emulates the touch of real wood. In addition, Teknaform’s commitment to smart technology through its proprietary in-house recycling program and sustainability with its Eco-Suite of products including BioEdge® and EcoFlex has brought environmentally friendly edgebanding options to our customers as the demand for this grows.

As we look back at 2023, we will have produced over 8 million pounds of edgebanding. To ensure a seamless match and ordering process, expanding our customer resources has been a key focus.

Our FIND YOUR MATCH feature on our website is continuously updated with the latest laminate matches and is an easy way to look up any laminate online. Our DISTRIBUTOR lookup feature connects you with the closest distributor that carries our product. We also launched a digital version of our FINISHES AND TEXTURES brochure. Photographed using a micro-lens, this digital guide allows you to zoom in on 28 of our Standard and Ultra-Premium textures and finishes, so you can ensure you have the best match. As a bonus, this guide also features a handy breakdown of reading Teknaform™ product codes.

Whether you are looking for a softer durometer option such as our TekFlex product, a full-depth formulation with our Grainthrough edgebanding, or a cost-effective solution that our cross grain, end grain, and monolithic stone products provide, the colour, texture, finish, and customization options that Teknaform™ offers are endless.

We look forward to working with you on your next project in 2024.

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