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A Greener Future with Teknaform™

Updated: Apr 22

At Teknaform™, sustainability is more than just a commitment; it’s a journey toward a greener, more responsible future. Our product development team is continuously working to develop innovative and efficient edgebanding solutions while maintaining its commitment to exploring new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Here are some key initiatives we’re undertaking:

Dedicated Recycling Process: Effective 2024, Teknaform is taking a significant step towards sustainability by moving all our recycling processes to a dedicated facility. This expansion in capacity will allow us to acquire and re-process materials more efficiently, significantly improving our ability to divert PVC in our industry from landfills. This expansion will allow us the capacity to recycle and pelletize around 400,000 pounds of PVC a month.

Researching and Developing Raw Material Alternatives: As we continuously improve our sustainability goals, we are also shifting to seek other opportunities to be a more efficient and responsible manufacturer. We are researching and developing new raw material alternatives with our trusted suppliers to decrease our emissions and usage of solvent-based materials. By exploring sustainable alternatives, we aim to decrease our environmental footprint while maintaining the quality and integrity of our products.

Transitioning to Water-Based Alternatives: We are in the process of developing water-based alternatives to our solvent-based input materials. By making this transition, we aim to further minimize our environmental impact and promote the use of more sustainable manufacturing practices. More to come on that soon!

For retailers and consumer-goods manufacturers looking for sustainable edgebanding product, our ReTek - 100% Guaranteed Recycled PVC Product, EcoFlex - USDA Certified BioPreferred Flexible PVC, and BioEdge® - Renewably Sourced and Sustainable Plant-Based Edgebanding product lines continue to be a popular option. We make over 21,000 pounds of TEK pellet a day - that translates into over 40,000,000 feet of edgebanding!

In addition, we are proud to carry edgebanding matches from laminate partners including ARAUCO, Formica®, and Wilsonart® who are leading the way in creating a more sustainable manufacturing industry. Together we can all make a difference.

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