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Customer service

Providing exceptional customer service is one of Teknaform’s top priorities and in this month’s blog we focus on our customer portal – a new solution we have developed so that we continue to serve our customers better.

What is the customer portal?

The customer portal is an extension of our ERP system and an efficient way of placing and tracking open and past orders. To use the portal, customers need to be set up in the system, and once set up they have full visibility on all their purchase orders, past and present.

What are the benefits of using the customer portal?

The customer portal allows users to enter purchase orders directly into the system and notifies them once the order has been accepted by customer service. Customers can easily check the estimated shipping date, request a specific ship date, and view shipment tracking numbers once their product has shipped.

In addition, the portal provides an approved product list – these are items that the customer has purchased in the past so they can re-order products effortlessly without having to search through various part codes and product matches.

Looking for a stock program item? The customer portal also provides this information, so users have everything they need at their fingertips to place an order in less time and spend more time focusing on their business.

Speak to a customer service rep or sales rep today about how to get started.

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