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End Grain & Cross Grain

As we see a growing demand towards producing sustainable and more cost-

effective products across the industry, TeknaformTM is excited to introduce

our newest edgeband offering: cross grain, end grain and monolithic stone.

These new custom patterns will allow furniture designers and woodworkers to

emulate the look of real wood and stone at a fraction of the cost.

Spotlight on End Grain vs Cross Grain

Our end grain pattern is a cost-effective solution to achieving a butcher block

look without sacrificing aesthetics. Also available in a waterfall pattern, this

new offering has been developed to help carry the look of a continuous and

linear grain pattern over onto the edge.

Our cross-grain pattern creates a dimensional lumber look that emulates cut

through lumber. Teknaform’s cross grain edgebanding comes in 2 distinct

patterns. Pattern 1 is designed from five quarter sawn white oak and is ideal

for all oak laminates. Pattern 2 is a non-descript hardwood cross grain design

ideal for a more formal and sophisticated cross grain appearance.

Looking to get started? These new hardwood and monolithic stone patterns

are custom made to your specific needs and starts with a photo of the lumbar

you are looking to replicate to ensure a match. There is a 4-week lead time

for all orders. Talk to your sales rep today – we can’t wait to create the perfect

match for your next project.

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