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Today we delve into a very popular product that Teknaform carries – our Grainthrough edgebanding. If you are looking for a more seamless look that eliminates the “picture-frame” effect, our grainthrough edgebanding is the solution for your next project.

What is Grainthrough?

Grainthrough is a rigid edgebanding product that contains a pattern that is visible when the edgeband is trimmed creating a more seamless flow from the board surface to the band. This full-depth formulation is only produced on rigid thick 3mm tape and is available in any color and pattern combination to emulate any wood species.

This seamless look is achieved through a process of co-extrusion. The banding is manufactured as any other with the exception that a second extruder is used to inject the substrate with another color at the beginning of the downstream process. The resulting effect is a swirl of a second color inside the banding. When the banding is applied and trimmed it gives the appearance of a wood grain through the core.

Our grainthrough product works on any edgebander and with this elevated look your next edgebanding product will look and feel even more like solid wood but with the durability of a manufactured substrate. Contact a customer service rep today for more information.

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