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Introduction to Teknaform Eco-Products Suite

Updated: May 17, 2023

As part of our continued commitment to providing our customers with the latest edgebanding solutions for their business, Teknaform™ is excited to introduce our newest eco-friendly edgebanding line – Teknaform’s Eco-Products Suite. Featuring a series of environmentally conscious products, Teknaform’s Eco-Products Suite consists of 3 exciting new offerings:

ReTek - 100% Guaranteed Recycled PVC Product,

EcoFlex - USDA Certified BioPreferred Flexible PVC, and

BioEdge® - Renewably Sourced and Sustainable Plant-Based Edgebanding

As part of this month’s blog we will be taking a closer look at ReTek, our 100% Guaranteed Recycled PVC Product.

What is ReTek?

With the increasing demand worldwide for retailers and consumer-goods manufacturers to utilize more and more recycled material and packaging, our product development team has been hard at work developing a new product that continues to maintain our commitment to

sustainable processes and environmentally conscious practices.

Made of 100% Recycled PVC Product, ReTek is a textured edgeband that is stocked in White, Black, and Hard Rock Maple with additional textured coloured offerings available on request. Our black and white ReTek edgebanding products will come in our crystal texture, while our woodgrain product line will have a multiple texture options. Available in 15/16” x 1mm x 300’.

How is ReTek produced?

How is ReTek produced? Made via our in-house recycling program – we source and repurpose post production material and convert it into usable raw material that is reintegrated into the production process. This reclaimed material is sorted by material type and colour after which it is shred and ground. The material then undergoes a 3-step air wash before it is blended for homogeneity. Once pelletized, the newly recycled pellets are introduced into the production process to form perfectly-crafted edgebanding.

As a net-zero waste company, in house Teknaform™ converts more than 20,000 pounds a day of reclaimed material back into useable raw material. Teknaform™ also currently purchases over 2 Million pounds of reclaimed material a year, redirecting it from landfills. Our ReTek product is just one of a suite of new eco-friendly edgebanding products that we offer, helping reduce the industry’s environmental footprint.

Stay tuned to this space for more as we delve into our additional Eco-Product offerings.

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