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More Matches, More Choices

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Each year brings new design offerings to the laminate world, and Teknaform™ is excited to announce additional matches from Nevamar, Arpa Industriale, and Tafisa® to its growing catalogue.

Sustainability is a growing focus at Teknaform™. This month we are excited to offer matches to the Walk in the Woods Collection by Nevamar. Featuring a selection of woodgrains and solids, Walk in the Woods was created with sustainability in mind. The collection offers woodgrain patterns for wood species that are neither exotic nor endangered, but indigenous to North America. In addition, this collection consists of realistic woodgrains that emulate the feel of real wood.

Teknaform™ is also expanding its product offerings for Arpa Industriale’s FENIX® line with new matches. Known for its super-matte appearance, FENIX® is soft to the touch, leaves no fingerprints and thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

With so many new matches available, including new matches for Tafisa’s Sommet® Series, you can count on Teknaform™ having the edgebanding for your business.

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