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New Textures and Finishes Guide

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Teknaform™ is pleased to offer a new reference guide to our customers. Featuring a variety of textures and finish options samples, this guide is an excellent tool in showcasing the range of customization options we offer.

Our newest premium finish - TekMatte Ultra™ - is just one of the premium finish options that Teknaform™ offers in our newest reference guide. TekMatte Ultra™ is an excellent alternative to painted finishes and features a gloss level of below 5 degrees, allowing it to absorb the majority of light reflecting off the surface. Available in solid colours, woodgrains and patterns, this sheen will instantly bring a luxurious feel to any surface.

Interpreting Product Codes

Another great resource included in our new Textures and Finishes guide is an outline on how to read Teknaform™ product codes. Teknaform™ product codes include design, texture, and gloss level information. Understanding these codes along with the colour recipe specification is a useful way of ensuring a perfect match for your next project.

Contact your customer service or sales rep today about getting your copy.

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