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Quality Control

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

In this month’s blog feature, we take a closer look into the comprehensive quality control measures Teknaform has in place to ensure you receive a consistently high-quality edgebanding product with every order.

Quality Assurance Checks

Teknaform performs numerous quality assurance checks and is continually testing and improving its products ensuring it meets the highest industry standards. These tests are performed every 10 rolls to ensure quality and consistency during the production process:

  • MEK Testing – Edgebanding strips are tested to withstand twenty wipes of MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) without removing all topcoat and effecting prints and inks.

  • Impact Testing - This involves simulating a dropped weight of 26 lbs to ensure no breakage of edgebanding due to brittleness.

  • Gloss Readings - Gloss levels are checked to ensure accuracy isare within +/- 3 degrees of the target.

  • Curvature Testing – This ensures edgebanding product does not bow more than ¼” over 4 ft of product. To test this, when both ends of a 4 ft strip are touching the same straight edge, the center should not bow more than a ¼” from the same straight edge.

  • Primer distribution – Our primer is checked regularly for coverage. This is more visible under UV (black) light as it has a UV tracer additive inside.

Flex Product Testing

Our Flex product also undergoes rigorous quality control measures. It too is tested for curvature where the center should not bow more than 1” over 4 ft of product. In addition, it also undergoes a softness/hardness check that is measured on a “Shore D” scale to check for appropriate pliaayability.

Retention Samples

During the production process, retention samples are kept for one year from the date of production. These retention samples are kept from every fifth roll of finished product as distributed for future reference if required.

Additional technical data can be found under Resources on our website or feel free to contact your sales representative or one of our customer service representatives for additional information.

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