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Recycling Program and Sustainability Commitment

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Today we delve into Teknaform’s recycling program and sustainability practices that have helped the company reach its net zero waste achievement.

What is net zero waste?

Net zero waste means that by-products of the manufacturing process are diverted from landfills and instead are reused or recycled. More and more plastics companies are implementing net zero waste processes in their facilities. In house, Teknaform converts more than 20,000 pounds a day of reclaimed material back into useable material. Teknaform also currently purchases over 2 Million pounds of reclaimed material a year, redirecting it from landfills.

Teknaform’s Recycling Program

Tek System - Teknaform’s recycling program - involves the repurposing of discarded material and converting it into usable material that can be reintegrated into the production process. This reclaimed material is sorted by material type and colour which is then shred and ground. The material then undergoes a 3-step air wash before it is blended for homogeneity. Once pelletized, the newly recycled pellets are introduced into the production process.

In addition to PVC, we salvage over 400kg of chemical solvents a day which would otherwise have to be disposed of. This reclaimed solvent is able to be used back in the downstream production process daily. And in 2022 we are setting our targets even higher. Teknaform is getting ready to launch additional sustainable production practices and products. From reducing our environmental footprint by implementing in-house developed low waste application processes, to further experimenting with using and providing environmentally conscious bio products, we are solidifying our position as the best and most sustainable edgebanding producer in the market today.

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