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TekMatte Ultra

Teknaform is excited to announce its newest finish option – TekMatte Ultra. Low gloss

surfaces in paint, laminate and furniture have become a fast-growing trend across the

kitchen and bath, commercial, hospitality and office industries and having a matching

edgebanding surface is a must. With its clean look that instantly brings a luxurious

feel to any surface, this low sheen option is available in solid colours, woodgrains and


An excellent alternative to painted finishes, Teknaform’s new TekMatte Ultra finish has

a gloss level of below 5 degrees and is virtually non-reflective, allowing it to absorb

the majority of light reflecting off the surface - creating a velvety smooth feel and

appearance. In addition, our product also hides fingerprints, so in addition to its high

design impact on your product, it can be used in high-traffic areas and continue to look

its best.

Contact a customer service rep today to place your order.

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