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The Secret to a Perfect Match

Teknaform’s commitment to delivering exceptional products is at the forefront of what we do. When you order from Teknaform, we guarantee a reliable colour and texture match with every order. However, delivering seamless product matches goes beyond the factory floor. Our relationships within the industry are a big part of what sets us apart.

Teknaform is continuously collaborating with industry leaders such as Uniboard to create perfect matches for their continually growing catalog. Delivering perfect matches goes beyond our product. Our matching process begins with our partners. This open collaboration ensures that our product matches are seamless. Our quality assurance begins at product development so that you can spend more time focusing on your business.

“Uniboard takes pride in its collaboration with Teknaform, a distinguished leader in the edgebanding industry. Teknaform’s unparalleled level of customization and ability to adapt in the edgebanding sector is invaluable” - Uniboard

Our matching process doesn’t stop there. The Teknaform team is in constant communication with vendors to stay on top of the latest product lines and trends. So as trends shift in the laminate world and new products gain demand, we are ready with the latest edgebanding solutions.

“Through our partnership, Uniboard has been able to precisely integrate Teknaform’s edgebanding solutions with exact matches for our newly launched ECLIPSE collection. Teknaform’s state-of-the-art technology paired with their product consistency guarantees that every project our clients embark on will attain a seamless and visually stunning harmonious finish.” -Uniboard

We look forward to providing the edgebanding solution for your next project. Contact a sales rep today to get started.

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