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What is ABS?

ABS or PVC? Not sure which product is right for you? In this month’s blog we take a closer look at the differences between these two products.

What is ABS?

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a high-grade thermoplastic that is impact resistant, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Manufactured in an extrusion process like its PVC counterpart, all colours, textures and gloss levels that are available with PVC can also be extruded on ABS edgebanding product. ABS edgebanding performs the same as PVC edgebanding, can be applied using an edgebander, and works well on curved furniture shapes.

What are the key differences?

While PVC is more cost effective and more widely available overall, ABS has a lower specific gravity than PVC. One roll of ABS weighs 30% less than PVC, making freights costs more economical. In addition, while both products can be recycled, ABS only creates CO2, Water and Nitric Oxide if incinerated and is often sought out by public and health care organizations looking for product that differentiates themselves from the PVC market. In Europe, ABS is much less regulated than PVC, making it the compound of choice in that region.

Teknaform offers both products in a wide range of colour and texture combinations so no matter the product specifications, we have the edgebanding for your next project. Request a quote with your customer service rep or sales rep today.

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