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Colour Selection

As the design world changes at a rapid pace, ensuring you have the perfect laminate match when you need it has never been more important. Staying on the cusp of these trends is part of what we do, and our colour specialists are constantly developing hundreds of new colour and print matches every year to add to the Teknaform™ colour library, so that a perfect match for your next project is available at your fingertips.

With more than 40,000 matches (and growing!) in Teknaform’s current library, our 200+ collection consists of the most popular solid colours, woodgrains, and patterns which includes many newer TFL and HPL colours.

Looking for something bolder? Anything is possible. Check for a match in our swatch booklet which features our most popular finishes and textures and if you need a more tailored match, a one-on-one consultation is available.

Get started on your next project today – Teknaform™ has the banding!

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