Peel 'n Stick Edgebanding

March 25, 2014

Can't find the matching edge in a pre-glued banding? This is the solution for you!

** Peel 'n Stick Edgebanding

As the range of colours and textures available in board products grows and the availability of preglued edgebanding shrinks, it becomes increasingly more difficult to finish the edges of today's furniture and cabinet compoments. Finally there is a solution ... PVC Edgebanding with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).

** Easy to Use ...

It's simple ... apply to a clean cut edge and secure the bond with a 'J' roller. Trim any excess PVC with a hand trimmer or other sharp blade. No mess, No fuss.

Choose from any of the 'Over 200' Solids, Woodgrains & Patterns in our 15/16" x .018" x 600' PVC Stock Program and have the PSA added in as little as one roll at a time.

Please contact Customer Service for more details.

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