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Product Description

Thermoplastic PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic) Edgebanding is manufactured through an extrusion process into many different thicknesses and widths to match virtually any solid colour, woodgrain or pattern.


The back side of the PVC Edgebanding is treated with a primer which is an integral part of establishing a successful bond with the adhesive.


Colour evaluation (particularly with prints) is somewhat subjective. All efforts are made to provide the best possible match to the specified product. Please note that slight colour variations from run to run are normal. Colour matches are developed/approved using D65 (daylight) light source, unless otherwise specified.


Gloss is measured using a 60 ° angle gloss meter. Specs are kept to a tolerance of +/- 3.
Note that gloss level of textured products cannot be measured with an instrument but rather are evaluated visually.

Top Coat Cure

The Top Coat will withstand 15 rubs of M.E.K. without any significant effect to the print.


Maximum 1/4” curve over 4 feet.

Width Tolerances

1-5/16” or Less +/- 0.015”
1-5/16” or More +/- 0.025”

Thickness Tolerances

Under 1mm +/- 0.002”
1mm & Over +/- 0.1mm
Note that thickness tolerances do not apply to the outer edges (within 1/16”) of the PVC Edgebanding.

Note that with Width and Thickness measurements, it may be that the odd measurement within a roll falls outside of these tolerances due to the normal fluctuations in the extrusion process.

Warranty Disclaimer

PVC Edge Banding in close proximity to high heat sources

Teknaform Inc produces PVC edgebanding to be used with most commercial EVA, PUR or other acceptable adhesives. Caution should be exercised when positioning PVC Edge banding close to, touching, or in very close proximity to heat sources such as built-in or free standing ovens, stove tops, steam emitting appliances or any other heat source that could potentially soften the adhesive resulting in a glue bond failure or shrinkage of the PVC edge band.

Where cabinetry has to be located close to high heat sources Teknaform Inc recommends that only adhesives with a very high melting point are used and that heat shields are incorporated between the heat sources and cabinetry to provide a thermal break.

Thermal breaks are especially important when PVC Edge banding is located close to self-cleaning ovens that when operated on self clean mode can reach temperatures of 550C or 900F Degrees. Without heat shields or other thermal breaks delamination will occur.

Teknaform Inc will not warranty or guarantee PVC edge banding against shrinkage, discoloration, bubbling, fading or cracking where it is applied to cabinetry components in close proximity to high heat sources where proper thermal breaks have not been installed.

Typical examples of thermal breaks used in kitchens are illustrated below:

Thermal Break Image